Private equity financial companies generally require more flexible requirements than traditional banking and some can even grant us loans with ASNEF if we appear in a defaulter file. However, most private lenders will not lend us money if the debt for which we appear in the unpaid record comes from a bank, although there are some exceptions. Next, we will see who can grant us payday advance help.

Credits with Asnef that admit bank debts

Most companies that offer loans with Asnef demand that the unpaid debt recorded in the file does not come from a financial institution or exceed a certain amount. However, within the market, there are also companies that will grant us a loan with Asnef even if we have unpaid bank debts.


Credit75 will allow us to request a mini credit with Asnef although the debt for which we are registered in the file of defaulters comes from a bank, although the approval or not of our request will depend, as it is logical, of its risk analysis. The maximum amount that we can get will be € 750 (€ 500 if we are new customers), to be returned within a maximum period of up to 30 days. The cost of a loan with Asnef or RAI of Credit75 of € 100 to return in 30 days is € 35.

Currency Now

Monedo Now also grants loans with Asnef to customers with unpaid debts (bank or not) registered in delinquent lists, regardless of the amount of the same. However, as in the previous case, the approval of the applications is subject to the risk study of the lender. Monedo Now can lend us up to € 4,000 to return up to 2 years with an interest rate of 5% per month, without commissions and without linked products of any kind.

Loans with Asnef to settle other debts

On the other hand, if the debt for which we appear on a list of defaulters does not come from a bank, our chances of getting a loan with Asnef will increase. These are the companies that can lend us money if we have unpaid non-bank debts:

Loans with Asnef Amount Cost of € 100 to 30 days Apply for
Twinero Up to € 600 € 35 Contract
Cashper Up to € 500 € 38 Contract
PepeDinero Up to € 500 € 30 Contract

These companies will grant us loans with Asnef as long as we have enough income to return the contracted loan. In addition, they will demand that the unpaid debt recorded does not exceed a certain amount: in the case of Twinero, the debt cannot exceed € 2,000, while Cashper and PepeDinero admit debts of up to € 1,000. As we have said, none of these lenders will approve our application if the unpaid debt comes from a financial institution.