estate agents in libel case sparked by ‘humiliating’ email from boss’s entire staff

Calnan went on to explain in the email that her position as REIV president during the COVID-19 pandemic meant she had to focus on that role seven days a week.

After two terms as president, Calnan is now vice-president of the REIV.

Estate agent Lauren Macpherson said the email left her hurt, distressed, embarrassed and humiliated.

“I relied on my support network to make sure Metro and the team were taken care of,” she wrote in the email.

“His [sic] now seems like that just didn’t happen.

There were about 25 people on the “All Subway Team” mailing list who received the email, according to court documents.

Although Macpherson couldn’t say exactly how many employees read the note, she maintained that most would have opened it because “it was a disparaging email from their boss about a former boss.”

In the email, Calnan also apologized to staff “for letting you down,” listing several examples of things that weren’t handled properly in her absence.

“For the training you were promised but did not receive. For clicky groups that have grown. Right now you didn’t think you could eat your lunch in the dining room. For individuals who had to cover additional kitchen shifts because team members were not required to perform this task,” the email reads.

“For behavior that was unbecoming of an operations manager. For the embarrassment you felt asking a question. To reject ideas, you had to improve the business and the favoritism given to a few team members over the rest of the team.

In the weeks following Macpherson’s resignation, Calnan wrote, “it feels like our team is back – the office has no big clouds above.” She signed off with, “To each of you, I just want to say thank you. xx”

An e-mail sent to all staff brought the boss of a real estate company to court.

An e-mail sent to all staff brought the boss of a real estate company to court.

Before leaving the company and taking legal action, Macpherson was featured in a Q&A on the Metro Property Management website help customers get to know staff during COVID-19 closures.

In the interview, Macpherson said she was looking forward to meeting up with her “local lawyer” for a coffee once restrictions eased, misspelling barista.

The comment turned out to be prescient: his county court writ was prepared by libel lawyer Toby Mullen.

Among the defamatory imputations Macpherson claims Calnan made about her are that she failed in her professional duties, is dishonest and lacks integrity, and that she was the cause of a “work environment uncomfortable and uncomfortable” at Metro Property Management.

Macpherson argues that the email was retribution for her refusal to continue to be listed as an agency officer under effective control and a hint from Calnan that she had taken another job.

According to his LinkedIn pageMacpherson now works for real estate company Ray White.

Macpherson claims Calnan failed to recant or apologize for the email, but instead responded to a legal letter asking that the complaint be dropped.


Calnan also reportedly threatened to sue Macpherson for breach of employment obligations.

Macpherson seeks damages, including aggravated damages, and a permanent injunction preventing Calnan from continuing to publish the imputations.

Calnan did not respond to requests for comment and has not yet filed a defense in court.

Macpherson’s attorney also did not respond to a request for Sunday age.

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