HSVP fools people, hides property price, real estate agents say

QUESTIONING the revised online auction policy adopted by Haryana Shahari Vikas Pradhikaran (HSVP) earlier this year, the Haryana State Property Dealer’s Welfare Association accused the Haryana government of deceiving people while branding HSVP a ‘business spirit.

The association questioned HSVP’s decision to auction plots at a base price, while revealing the reserve price only after the landlord of the plot paid the 10 percent reservation amount. . The reserve price would often be at least 20 percent higher than the offer price.

While citing similar examples at the press conference organized by the association, members said: “A person had bought residential land at an offer of Rs 1.35 crore which was auctioned off at a price of base of Rs 88 lakh at the end of July. After paying the reservation amount of 10 percent, he was informed by mail that the reserve price of the property was Rs 1.66 crore. The case has since been in the hands of HSVP officials, who do not return the money and do not give him possession of the plot.

Alleging that the policy puts all the power in the hands of HSVP officials, members said, “The HSVP is cheating people into giving out lucrative base prices while hiding the actual amount they will charge. The policy further allows HSVP to give this plot at their “discretion” which is discriminatory. Where there is discrimination, there will be corruption.

Suresh Aggarwal, president of the association, said: “HSVP has now become a businessman. Initially, it was not aimed at profit and aimed to attract more people looking to make a home in Haryana at a reasonable cost. The residential homes had never been auctioned before, but would be distributed in raffles. Now all they can think of is how they can mine the money.

Calling HSVP’s policies “anti-developmental,” association members said HSVP is the main reason people move from Panchkula to Mohali.

“The HSVP implements policies that do not focus on development. While Mohali creates space for hospitals, complexes, shopping malls and colleges, Panchkula aimlessly sells land without planning. Mohali auctions for development, while Panchkula does it for money, ”said Pushpendar Bansal vice president. “The auctions take place

four times a month instead of once every three months, ”he added.

The association added that the number of litigation in such cases has increased since the policy was adopted. “At least 40 cases have been brought to the High Court in the past four months as a result of this policy. The people as well as the justice system suffer because the government of Haryana is greedy, ”said Akshay Bhatia, vice president of the organization’s youth wing.

An HSVP official, while wishing to remain anonymous, said: “The base price and reserve price policy was introduced last year. Since then there have been problems. The association requested that this policy be abandoned and that another policy be formulated in the presence of the stakeholders who will be affected.

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