Mango Power Union home and portable battery launched, with the world’s first integrated dual PV inverter

“There are three things that made Mango Power Union the most anticipated product of the year for the home power industry: it’s a two-in-one solution. You don’t have to pay twice to get a home and portable energy system Its capacity dramatically exceeds that of other solutions on the market, ensuring robust and long-lasting energy coverage. Last but not least, it has the world’s first integrated dual photovoltaic inverter, which promises some of the fastest charging speeds on the market, whether through AC wall outlets or solar panels ”, explains Steve wang, CEO of Mango Power.

As is customary in this category, sales open to consumers through offers in Indiegogo. The super early bird price announced by Mango Power is very competitive $ 2,799 for end consumers. For wholesalers, distributors and installers, inquiries can be directed to [email protected]

After this historic launch, Mango Power will follow with 3 additional products from its ecosystem in the coming months, Power Move, Power Home and Power Home mInverter, destined to become an essential renewable energy brand for consumers, suppliers and retailers. installers. .

MangoPower Union: A long-term investment against blackouts and into the future of energy

When looking at all the different home power options available in the market, the specifications vary a lot depending on the price. However, the Mango Power Union is a truly versatile unit that can solve many power needs at once, with a very attractive price tag.

1. Home and portable all-in-one approach: beyond power outages.

Power union, the flagship of the challenger Mango Power brand, is a modular powerhouse made up of two parts: a large, sturdy docking base and a smaller detachable unit designed for portability. This one-time purchase can comprehensively solve not only outage scenarios, but also the need for portable power during leisure time as well as solar energy storage.

The smallest module – “Power Move” – ​​comes with an impressive 2000 watts of power and a capacity of 2300 watt hours, and is designed to be carried wherever you need electricity. When attached to the rugged “Power Home” base module, they form the Mango Power Union and are stronger than any portable power station you can find on the market today. The Power Union also impressively integrates the backup gateway and the double PV inverter into the device.

This combination of portability, rugged power supply and ease of use makes the Mango Power Union very different from any other modular portable power plant on the market today. When the family runs out of power, you can use the main module alone or connect the Power Move to bring 4000W / 6900WH back-up power to the family, enabling devices such as refrigerators, kitchens, heating or air conditioning to operate as usual.

Hands-on Energy: an application for monitoring energy performance and your environmental footprint

One aspect that sets Mango Power Union apart from the competition is the sheer amount of power data you can track with their app. Available for iOS and Android, you can follow:

  • Available power
  • The taxes
  • Temperature
  • Charging mode

Apart from that, the app has a series of social features, such as a ranking sharing feature that will allow you to compare your sustainability against other users of the app.

The app is also able to provide you with environmental data that allows you to track your ecological footprint. It displays the conversion of solar energy into KWh, carbon emissions expressed in tonnes and tree planting equivalents thanks to Mango Power Union’s partnership with One Tree Planted. The app also estimates how much you save by using solar power, if you choose to do so, compared to just using the grid.

Stunning Design – Ultra-desirable looks add value to an ultra-functional device

The appearance of most power units is rather awkward. Mango Power Union is the only product of its kind that makes an impact and leaves a strong impression with its designer look.

Union focuses on tasteful design as a central part of the user experience. Along with a modern look that can blend in with most homes, the indicator lights also have indicator lights that provide information about your electrical situation.

All in all, by combining the versatility of the product with its great design and smart functionality through the app, we can say that Mango Power Union is an essential buy for those looking for a long term solution for all their needs in energy. Mango Power Union will be available at a super early bird price for $ 2,799 via Indiegogo. You can get more information on their site

About Mango Power

Mango Power is a green energy brand focused on developing home power solutions, portable power devices and related accessories. Mango Power’s mission is to bring smart green energy products into every home and help every family achieve a carbon-free future. The Mango Power Union, its first product, is the world’s first battery system to integrate home and portable power solutions. Its iconic look and all-in-one detachable design are expected to launch successfully in late 2021 via Indiegogo. More information here or by visiting

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