New proposal areas for a long vacant property in downtown Stamford

The site at the corner of Broad Street and Greylock Place in Stamford (Google Maps)

RMS Companies is the latest residential developer to come up with a project on a long vacant site in downtown Stamford.

And he’s now the latest developer to be pushed back for those plans, according to the Stamford Advocate.

The luxury development company plans to build 228 apartments and 8,000 square feet of office space at the corner of Broad Street and Greylock Place. RMS would move its own offices to the eight-story building.

Various proposals for ownership have surfaced over the past decade, and each has failed.

RMS’s proposal is the first to be presented to the local zoning council and has received praise from some members.

Neighbors at a nearby condominium complex, however, strongly oppose the move.

Residents of the Classic Condominium said the project would result in a substantial increase in foot and car traffic. One resident called the development an “atrocity” on what he called an urban forest. It was not known exactly what aesthetic flourishing the Classic Condominium brought to the surrounding downtown area.

The zoning council meeting is scheduled for the middle of next month. [Stamford Advocate] – Denis lynch

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